Shambha Love

Shambhala 2017 was a party to say the least. If you haven't been to this festival, its time to go! We spoke to the Grassroots guys who have toured to pretty much every festival in North America - they say Shambhala is the best vibe with the kindest people! Everyone is at the festival to have a good time with friends, meet new people and to share special moments. The event attendees are so responsible that its hard to notice any litre or disrespect to the land. We cannot wait to go back next year, so if you are going, make sure to stop by the UNI tent to chill and party!

Big thanks to our good friend and touring photographer BEEDEE for the epic shots. When he isn't on the road shooting some of North America's biggest DJ's, you can catch Beedee chillin' in our Nordic Blue onesie!