Sun and Cerveza's at Lovers Beach in Cabo

If you haven't been to Cabo San Lucas, you need to go! Our Founder recently took a trip down to the sandy peninsula to take in the sights and sounds. Cabo has a dry desert climate, so it is much more tolerable with minimal humidity. The topography is mountainous, the water crystal clear and the night life a perfect compliment to the atmosphere. The area is known for Humpback whale watching, fishing and golf. If you go, head down with some US dollars, but more Peso's, as you usually get better pricing in Peso's. You can typically find better deals for tours down at the marina vs. your hotel, but do your research - nothing feels worse than over paying! They have a great beach, called Lovers beach, which actually sits on both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean (known as Divorce Beach because of its strong rip tides)! Here is a pic of our Founder in our UNI X Crimson Snapback, Chillwear Tanktop and Ebony Shades.