Custom Onesies

Are you a retailer, part of a team or an organization? You can now customize onepiece jumpsuits through UNI chillwear! We can do almost any custom onesie print or design, and even add unique features to meet your needs. We can screen print, digitally print and even do custom fabric for bulk orders. We have no MOQ - our custom prices scale on quantity and complexity of design.

Our custom onesie contact form is at the bottom of this page. Please touch base with your idea and quantity so we can quote you asap. From there, a design file is created, design sample is produced and then full production is executed. For more info on our company, watch here, and check out some custom work below ...

Custom Onesie
(These can be purchased through this link: Shambhala Onesie)

 We took the clients abstract design and brand colour schemes to create a unique one of a kind custom jumpsuit. These digital print onesies embody the vibe of the music festival, with vibrant colours and festival functionality, including a durable butt zipper. The Shambhala Onesie styles were a hit with consumers and great success for the client, who sold over 200 units in five days.

Custom Onesie

When we were approached by Justin Renfrow of the Calgary Stampeders, we knew we had a fun opportunity at hand. We created three unique custom Stampeders jumpsuits, two based on the teams colours and a camo design. The jumpsuits are durable and large enough for these elite athletes to even practice in them! Check out the CFL's fun clip here.

Custom Onesie

Granville Island Brewery had a unique task for us. Create a custom onesie that mimicked the branding of their Winter Ale and Mocha Porter brews. We took inspiration from their beer case design to digitally print these epic abstract jumpsuits. The custom jumpsuits were sent to independent liquor stores across British Columbia. Granville is also using selling these limited edition jumpsuits at their retail location. Our client was so thrilled with the product they doubled their initial order to over 400 units.

Custom Onesie

Ashley Black Lifestyle is based in Texas and ships their custom onesies all over North America! That's right, our custom client Ashley Black Lifestyle has leveraged our quality into their retail success, selling as many as 90 units in a single day and ordering over 1000 custom units to date. We executed a dotted design with the Ashley Black (AB) logo, faux fur hood interior and wrap around waist butt zipper. Check out their custom listing here.

Custom Onesie

Sunshine Village wanted an Apres Ski custom onesie that showcased their brand and mountain lifestyle. For their custom onesie, we went with their retro branding on a simple design to keep the focus on the company. They also brought in two of our branded jumpsuits for retail. Keeping things simple also keeps the production costs down vs. a full digital print.

Custom Onesie
Our client Okanagan Apple Ciders had a special request for a promotional onesie. We worked off of a unique pattern design their graphics team came up with, and produced a one-of-a-kind custom onesie. We worked closely with the marketing team to iron out the best solution for their target market, which resulted in removal of the leg print.
Size Me Up
UNI onesies tend to fit on the comfy side.
Our onesies are made with wedgie-proof drop crotches and a relaxed mid-section for optimum chill and comfort. 
Shot us an email if you have any questions!