Navy Blue Adult Onesie

You're Hired!

November 20, 2015

We are excited to announce a new addition to the UNI team!  Pete Machalek comes to us from the big T.O with a wealth of valuable experience from starting and running his own company Adbloc Media.  We are looking to Pete to drive our business development initiatives and help spread the chill vibe.  He exemplifies the work hard, chill hard attitude we at UNI value. If he’s not hard at work, you can find him on the mountain tracking out the freshest chutes on his board.  Shoot him any inquiries for your large order needs (or just to say what’s up!) 

Also in Good Vibes, our next big project!, our next big project!

July 19, 2019

I have a hard time focusing on one thing, so naturally I've taken on another BIG project. I've created a professional community for people like you and I to showcase our skills and experience through ePortoflios. I'd love for you to join and provide your feedback! The link is

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Abstract Navy Blue Adult Onesie
The Perfect Onesie Gift

November 26, 2018

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? You have come to the right place! UNI chillwear jumpsuits are the gift that keeps on giving, and the one gift you are guaranteed to earn brownie points on...

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Everest Summit Adult Onesie
To the top!

September 18, 2018

Our Summit Jumpsuit is on Mount Everest! Proving to be a warm base layer for the most extreme conditions. No this was not a commercial, people actually wear these in the most extreme weather thanks to our quality and fabric ...

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UNI onesies tend to fit on the comfy side.
Our onesies are made with wedgie-proof drop crotches and a relaxed mid-section for optimum chill and comfort. 
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