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How We Chill

Mike Hamill 7Summits Onesie
Mike Hamill is an active marathoner, ultra-marathoner, ironman, skier, cyclist, climber, traveler, and fly fisherman. If that sounds like like a busy day, wait until you see this guys climbing resume. Mike has led over 120 major high altitude climbing expeditions Worldwide, with six summits of Mt. Everest. Has climbed all of the “Seven Summits,” the tallest mountains on each continent, at least 6 times, some as many as 25 times. Mike summited both Cho Oyu and Shishpangma (the World’s 6th and 14th tallest mountains) in 8 days. He has also skied to South Pole and cycled unsupported across the United States. Mike and his expedition company Climbing The Seven Summits are the inspiration behind our 7SUMMITS Onesie, the perfect accompaniment to the outdoors. Follow Mike's during @climbingthesevensummits
Portia from England, studied agricultural business management at university and has been traveling ever since, working all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs. She loves wakeboarding and fishing as well as horse riding, skiing and their little dog Zeike that flew over from Australia! Portia is 26, loves to travel as you can see and has no plans of settling down yet! 
Joel, is also 26 and a Diesel Mechanic from Australia. He moved to Canada in February 2017 to live the van life and snowboard as much as possible. He also enjoy's wakeboarding and fishing. You can follow Portia and Joel's epic journey  @oznpom_ontour and find their favourite Nordic Navy Onesie by Unichill.
Chad Baker - a beauty and legend in the Canadian skate scene. This guy rips up on the west coast, frequenting Los Angelas and Vancouver for many street sessions. Chad rocks our Nordic Blue onesie when he kicks back. You can also catch him at Millennium Park in our Blue Corduroy Snapback! Check him out @chowdbaker
Ciara Price - from a small town in Maine, Ciara rose to stardom after a family friend suggested modelling. Ciara caught the attention of many media outlets, including Playboy, and the rest is history. Beautiful and book smart, she often refers to herself as a closet nerd and loves chilling in our Nordic Black onesie. Check her out @ciara_price
Ryan Corry - born in Calgary, Ryan quickly became a huge fan of hockey at a young age. He's passion translated into a successful hockey career in Canada, the USA and Europe. Some of his fondest memories were playing for LHC les Lions in Lyon, France. When he isn't hard at work, he loves relaxing in our UNI Burgundy onesie. He's also the founder the @unichillwear brand and marketplace for independent brands Local Shops. Connect with him on LinkedIn, he's always looking for talented people to collaborate with.
Jocelyn Alice - a Canadian singer and songwriter who's debut single as a solo artist, the 2015 summer hit ‘Jackpot’, was certified Gold in Canada in early August 2015 and reached the top 15 on multiple Canadian commercial radio charts. She scooped up our UNI Leopard onesie at Market Collective over the holidays - as you can tell, she loves hanging out in our onesie and has that contagious smile to fit her personality.  Check her out @iamjocelynalice
Rachel Antony - founder of Poolside Digital and a successful Influencer with a health conscious lifestyle, until it comes to donuts. You can find Rachel around Alberta's trendiest neighbourhoods or in the Rocky Mountains. Rachel has a passion for the outdoors and documenting all things that make the world an amazing place. Rachel loves taking our Camo onesie Ice Fishing, but it makes more than a few appearances around the house.You can follow her here @almostffamous
We can't say enough about this young lady, but her summit attempt of Mount Everest is a good place to start! Ciera Knight is from Jasper, Alberta, and caught our attention years back when she was building her tech startup at the same firm as our founder. They connected over an entrepreneurial bond and have stayed in touch ever since.
Little did we know, that our new friend would soon be scaling the tallest mountain on earth in our Retro Summit Suit. This enormous undertaking did not come easy, but it was something Ciera always wanted to do. You can check Ciera out here and follow her never-ending journeys!
Luba Michelle Savrnoch - from Fernie, BC the mountains have always been a huge part of life and snowboarding was the sport of choice - it wasn't enough. Luba wanted to go further into the back country and that's when she discovered snowmobiling. Now she explores the most incredible places imaginable on her sled. Whether it's winter or summer you will always find Luba on an adventure snowmobiling, splitboarding or hiking to the top of one of the many peaks in British Columbia! This gal is more than a pretty face and you can understand why. When Luba isn't conquering the mountains, she kicks it in our UNI Leopard onesie. Check her out @lubamichelle
DJ Sophia Lin - raised in Kansas, Sophia Lin's talent and stage presence catapulted her to the heights of the international club circuit in the blink of an eye. In 2007, Sophia moved to LA and released her first mix CD, an instant hit that had her fans craving for more. Sophia is now regular international star, signed to Elite Model Miami and DJing all over Asia and North America! Sophia loves travelling in style, rocking our Nordic Black onesie. Check her out @djsophialin
Chelsea Victoria Webb - grew up in Victoria, BC and pursued Muay Thai fighting at an early age. While dealing with an injury she found herself in the gym weight training, which lead to her current passion as a WBFF competitor. Chelsea quickly excelled as an amateur, earning world rankings and made the jump to pro. When she isn't working hard at her day job in the Oil & Gas industry, Chelsea is in the gym preparing for the World Championships in Toronto. Her down time is a treat and Chelsea loves to spend it in our UNI Leopard onesie! Check her out @chelseavictoriawebb
Jeff Sapieha - from Calgary, Canada, Jeff had a successful hockey career as Captain of the University of Connecticut Huskies. Jeff played a year of minor professional hockey in Florida, before hanging up the skates to pursue his MBA and a career in Corporate Finance. Jeff's competitive nature allowed him to conquer the ice and now the business world. Jeff enjoys his downtime in the mountains of Alberta and Montana - the perfect environment for our UNI Burgundy onesie. 
Delaney Jane Onesie
Delaney Jane - home is Toronto, Canada, but you will find this beauty globe trotting with the legendary Shaun Frank. Their duo has played in almost every major club and music festival in North America. We were lucky enough to book Delaney and Shaun for an amazing show in Calgary - they absolutely killed it. When Delaney is off the mic, she loves kicking back in our Leopard print onesie. Check out her social media and her music, you will be hooked. @delaney.jane
Born in Bern, Switzerland, Croatia Squad has built himself a impressive resume DJing all over the world. Signed to Kontor Records, Enormous Tunes, No Definition, Armada BNK and Unreleased Digital, its no wonder this guy has torn up the DJ circuit. We had the privilege of collaborating on a show featuring this great artist. Not only is he uber talented, but he is an awesome guy. Be sure to check him out and his latest releases @croatiasquad 
We met Marika Cockney, aka Arctic Flow Fox, at Shambhala Music Festival. This gal has such a great spirit and is beautiful inside and out! He elegance shines through in he hooping, which is some of the best we have ever seen. Arctic Flow Fox has built an amazing community of people around her - all in awe of he exceptional skill and personality. If you have a chance, give her a following so you can enjoy some amazing videos of this unique talent. @arcticflowfox
Headphone Activist is taking the DJ scene by storm. He stopped by our shop at Shambhala Music Festival to grab some UNI gear for himself and, as any good boyfriend would, his girlfriend. Here is a shot in our UNI X Sweater with UNI Founder Ryan Corry. We checked out his live set at The Grove Stage and this guy had the crowd jumping. Originally from Pittsburg, he now calls southern California home. Give him a follow and check out his latest releases! @headphone_activist
Gabrielle Hockley is all about living life to the fullest. Not only is she an entrepreneur and certified Professional Interior Designer at Hockley Interiors, she is also a professional Wake Surfer and avid Snowmobiler. UNI is stoked to be one of many great brands supporting this talented lady and can't wait to see her shredding the wake this year. When Gabrielle isn't hard at work, in the wake or on the snow, she is chilling in our UNI Pink Adult Onesie. Check her out @gabriellehockley
Chris Buck Band has carved their way into country music with three Top 40 singles. Their newest single Sun Sets Down is taking the charts by storm and we can reassure there will be plenty more tracks to kick your boots too. From Vancouver, Canada, not the place you'd expect a thriving country band to form - but this group has proven over and over that they are here to stay. Check out their latest @chrisbuckband
Auria Geskin could be called one thing, determined. As a personal trainer, fitness model and trailblazer for women empowerment, she can energize anyone! Auria came from the verge of homelessness as a teenager, to finding a passion and motivation in fitness. Through fitness, Auria was able to not only inspire herself, but others around her. She has now co-founded the Boss Babe Movement with fellow fitness competitors, which is all about fitness, nutrition, charity and inspiration to women to be the best they can be. Check Auria out @auriageskin
Ashley Black is a health, fitness and brand guru. She is the inventor behind the Fascia Blaster and a #1 National Best Selling Author. Ashley is passionate about caring for your body and sharing her knowledge with the world. "Word is getting out, people are becoming aware of their bodies and its function, and they are taking their health and wellness back into their own hands." Ashley's goal has always been empowerment and she hopes her experience will inspire people to be comfortable in their own bodies. Ashley went from being a partially bedridden child destined to a wheelchair to being a surfer chick, mom of 3, business woman, and fascia expert! "When you realize that you can beat your restrictions and make your own destiny, it’s hard for anything to hold you back".  Ashley loves chilling in our custom Ashley Black  Jumpsuit, along with our brand favourites which she loves as gifts. Check her out @ashleyblackguru
Jordan Dobie
Jordan Dobie - this strong lady was in a mentally abusive relationship that started showing signs of physical abuse, and that's when she took her life into her own hands. After leaving, she immediately searched out Muay Thai for self defence. Her drive and determination to defend herself turned into a passion and a major part of her life. 
Jordan now competes across Canada and recently won gold in two divisions at the World Championships in Poland.  She aspire's to compete at a professional level and be part of the movement of women inspiring women in a male dominated sport. When Jordan isn't conquering the ring, she is chilling in our Jet Black Jumpsuit. Check her out @jordan.dobie
Megan Kathleen - balance is key. That seems to sum it up for Megan in both Yoga and in life. Her perseverance and passion for Yoga has led Megan to teaching this physical art. You can find her @hotshopyyc or @altryoga training and mentoring aspiring yogis. When she isn't hard at work, Megan loves to chill in our Nordic Navy onesie, perfect for days on the water. Learn yoga from the pro here @megankathleen_
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