Sometimes you just need to wear comfy clothes, and nothing is as comfortable as our onesies! We founded UNI because comfort is a necessity of life, whether you're working, camping, lounging, or travelling. We believe your most comfortable clothes should look good, feel good, and be fun to play in. UNI chillwear is our creative outlet that captures this essence. When it’s time to chill, we make sure to enhance that experience through our products.

I would say our creative style is simple, but with personality. Every year, new product sketches come out of our own experiences - the people we meet, the stories we share and the sites we see. Putting those experiences into each garment carries our story around the world, one that is shared in comfort and rocky mountain style.

Our vision has grown from wanting to be lazy and cozy on Sunday's - to a brand that sells high quality, comfortable, and versatile lifestyle apparel worldwide. UNI represents much more than a local Canadian brand from Calgary. Our clothing line encompasses a commitment to chilling. Take time, reflect, dream, relax, laugh and love. Whatever you find chill - make sure you live in that moment - we are here to help.

"Ultimate comfort is not a style that fades, nor is it exclusive; we all deserve it. So embrace your chill - you earned it"



Ryan Corry

Size Me Up
UNI onesies tend to fit on the comfy side.
Our onesies are made with wedgie-proof drop crotches and a relaxed mid-section for optimum chill and comfort. 
Shot us an email if you have any questions!