River surfing Alberta onesie

River Surfing is EPIC

February 15, 2016

If you haven't seen or heard of this sport, you are in for a treat. River surfing is literally as it sounds - talented wave runners scout out natural or man made waves in rivers around the world and the rest is simply mesmerizing. The surfers time their entry to catch the wave and surf in the perfect pocket for minutes. Canoe Meadows in Kananaskis, Canada is a legendary river surf spot, and the home of Slam the Kan River Surf Festival. Riders compete all day in front of the best scenery and people around. Last year, UNI chillwear had the opportunity to participate in the festivities, even having one of the surfers take to the waves in our UNI Green onesie. We will definitely be back at this epic event in September 2016. Find out more here.


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